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Mar 13, 2014
Female user merlexi 3 posts

Topic: Security Central / Wheelchair Security Issues

I agree that prisoners can be very clever and it is a challenge to stay ahead. It would be nice if this were not the case.
Regarding our plastic parts, without seeing our chairs, I understand how you might propose that a hole could be made and contraband inserted. However all parts are made with ribs and no rib is greater than 1/4 inch. There isn’t solid plastic to be bored out .
I was talking to an administrator recently who told me that the steel dinner trays were being destroyed with nail clippers. As he was pointing out, something stronger can destroy something weaker.
I suspect that prisoners would like to destroy our chair with hopes of getting a traditional chair. Any of those attempts are very easy to spot immediately.
And, staying ahead is essential to keep everyone safe and still have a viable medical device.

Mar 09, 2014
Female user merlexi 3 posts

Topic: Security Central / Wheelchair Security Issues

I’m sorry but I absolutely reply to the last comment. The Merlexi chair is guaranteed for 3 years and we stand beside our guarantee. We did have our foot rest break and the chairs were all retrofitted with a new plastic formula that has not cracked at any facility. I do not believe it was three days. However even though I call LA every few months and talk with Kimberly Saucedo who heads the medical services bureau at LA and ask how our chairs are doing, I have not heard any adverse reports. Clearly the Sterling chair has gone through many models
Furthermore, we produced what they wanted – a tamperproof wheelchair in PINK.
I must also say that our chairs are being used in Federal Correctional facilities across the nation with no adverse reports. In fact, most of our sales have been through word of mouth from happy customers.
These chairs are medical devices and as such have passed the ANSI /RESNA test of durability – proving 5 years of wear. However, we took our chairs to failure which occurred at 33 years of wear. And they have the 510K from FDA which you MUST have to sell in the USA. And our facility is registered with the FDA to produce this medical device. Have no doubts, if you do not provide legal medical devices, you will be sued by your prisoners.
Lastly the reports that I hear all say that the guards are very happy with our product – they feel safe.

Aug 15, 2013
Female user merlexi 3 posts

Topic: Security Central / Wheelchair Security Issues

I recently saw your post – 4 years after you wrote it.
I own the merlexi wheelchairs and have been making the prison chairs for almost 2 years.
Our chairs are guaranteed for 3 years – I think most of yours only last 8 months. The chairs are made of a special blend of poly pro , glass and a rubberizing agent which makes the pieces very strong. They can’t be melted or cut into weapons. Everything is solid so one can’t store contraband. They are impervious to weather and can be used in the shower. They can be sterilized any way you chose to prevent pathogens. They are ergonomically designed for both user and caregiver. I am told that the guards love them. They are also cost effective . Since we expect them to last longer than 3 years, you are paying about $.87 per day compared to about $1.30 per day .
The last point is about Stax – technically they are not wheelchairs. FDA includes only chairs where the user can be self mobile as a wheelchair. Chairs with 4 small wheels are called transport chairs and I do not believe they conform to the wheelchair requirement.
Currently many of our sales are to the Federal prisons and also county prisons.
If you would like to know more about our chairs, please call our office. 502 614-8032.

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