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May 10, 2019
Male user cdpez 3 posts

Topic: Security Central / 18USC926B LEOSA

That sounds about right. One of the reasons I’m asking is that in WA we are issued a specific ID card that authorizes CC based on the State law as long as the Officers meet certain criteria. That criteria is similar to the LEOSA requirements, however to my knowledge the State and the Department does not recognize our right to carry under LEOSA. (Not that they have to) That is not to say we are not qualified under the law, it’s just that our officers are unclear and generally hesitate to carry across state lines. I have written letters to high ranking officials and wisely they defer to the AGO. I’m still waiting for a response. So I’m trying to get a consensus from across the country to determine who does and who does not legitimately qualify. I’ve researched this six ways to Sunday. We qualify, but we don’t recognize our retired officers. I’m trying to get the Dept. to formally recognize our rights as Qualified Law Enforcement Officers under LEOSA so that we can lobby for Identification cards for our Retired Officers.

That said, if anyone has had any success with their own State/Department in securing their LEOSA rights, I’m willing to accept any of your suggestions, advice or recommendations that you may offer.

Apr 30, 2019
Male user cdpez 3 posts

Topic: Security Central / 18USC926B LEOSA

I’m curious to know how many Correctional Agencies/Departments across the country recognize and acknowledge the LEOSA privilege for their Officers? If your agency authorizes concealed carry under LEOSA, does your Commission Card/Peace Officer ID state that you are authorized under 18 USC 926B LEOSA or something to that effect? Does your agency/Department have a written Policy?

Also, is there anyone that has or had the privilege while working but not after retirement? (926C) If that is the case I’d be interested to hear what the rationale is if known.

Feb 26, 2015
Male user cdpez 3 posts

Topic: Security Central / Dry-Cell Coveralls

After 7 years, I would expect that the OP has already found the answer to his question, especially since he is an investigator now. The only source for the Coveralls described that I could find was in the Washington State Department of Corrections Correctional Industries Catalog.

Dry Cell Suit Item # 4995 sizes S-6XL $50.00 each.


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